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Vaseline Spray





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Vazelininio elektros kontaktų tepali pagrindo aerozoliai.

Ypač švaraus, medicininės-maistinės klasės vazelino pagrindo aerozolis. Labai minkšta ir elastinga tepimo ir apsauginė plėvelė. Efektinga antikorozinė apsauga.




Molyduval Vaseline Battery Maintenance Spray

Probat battery terminal grease has a dual purpose as it detects and indicates any battery leaks by changing colour from green to red, indicating the presence of acid whilst giving protection to terminals and connections and carriers which helps extend battery life.

  • Extends the life of the battery
  • Cleans and protects the battery
  • Indicates potentially dangerous leaks
  • Stops tracking between poles

Vaseline Spray uses

Molyduval Vaseline Battery Maintenance Spray is an advanced formulation containing a blend of solubalised waxes to clean and extend the life of batteries. Its unique composition is dual purpose as it detects leaks and indicates these by changing its colour and it also prevents tracking across terminal poles and connections. Probat is the ideal cleaner for terminals, cables, battery holders, cases and clamps.