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Lubricating aerosols for all industrial application

Mechanica UAB offers the complete aerosol service

Technical advice

  • How to choose the best lubricant for your application
  • How to better understand and manage lubricants
  • How to use lubricants effectively in a proactive maintenance program
  • When to select grease or oil as the lubricant of choice
  • Best practices for oil draining, flushing and charging
  • How to write equipment lubrication procedures
  • How to handle lubricants in pumps and reservoirs
  • The truth about aftermarket additives and oil conditioners
  • How to best store lubricants and handle them effectively
  • The latest techniques which are dramatically different  to those of 10 years ago
  • How to extend the life of your lubricants
  • Troubleshoot

based on TRIBOLOGY

  • The cause of friction, heat, the result of friction, what causes wear
  • The types of lubrication:  fluid and hydro-dynamic lubrication  /  boundary lubrication
  • The characteristics of the lubricant under different operating conditions e.g. material surfaces, temperature conditions, load and viscosity of the lubricant
  • Different types of lubricants for different applications