Lauko sąlygų motociklinių grandinių aerozoliai

  • Molyduval Sekorex NAS spray

Sintetinis tefloninis aerozolis, skirtas tepti motociklų, motorolerių ir kartingų grandinėms.

– Prailgina grandinių tarnavimo laiką, 

– Gerai apsaugo metalą nuo rūdžių ir korozijos,

– Netirpsta net sūriame vandenyje,
– Geros lipnumo charakteristikos apsaugo grandinę nuo prašokimo.

Dviračių grandinių sintetinis aerozolis

Molyduval Cicli Chain

Chain Fluid for Bycicles
* compatible with mineral oil
* strong tackiness
* relative good compatible with elastomers and seals
* wide temperature range
* good viscosity atability even under high shear rates
* good oxidation resistance
* high flash point
* protects from wear
* for bicycle chains


Bike Chain grease spray

Application: This lube requires some care when applying, the chain must be clean or degreased prior to applying. I apply a single drop on each of the links, to get the best result you will have to spin your chain through all your gears then wipe the chain down with a clean lint free rag.

Performance: The Finishline Wet lube performs well in all conditions. Once you put it on it will stay on for a very long time, even after a few rides in the rain, the chain is still very smooth. The downside of this lube is that it is mostly thick oil based and it does collect a lot of road grime quickly.

Recommend use: I mostly use this lube in winter or when it rains a lot. Since the lube picks up dirt and grime so easily it is better to use this lube for your gear cables or rub it on your MTB fork or rear shocks.