IKV Tibology tepimo purškikliai

Innovation  – Inovacija pastoviame produktų ir aptarnavimo jais vystyme

Knowledge – Patirtis ir naujausių technologijų bei medžiagų žinios

Versatility – Lankstumas kliento poreikių adaptacijoje

Visi IKV produktai sukurti ir pagaminti  ISO 9001 kokybės sistemos nuostatomis.

Be savo tepalų IKV taip pat tiekia savo kompanijų grupės Brugarolas S.A. tepimo medžiagas bei atstovauja Du Pont produktams.

Lietuvos rinkai tiekiama iš Prancūzijos Saint Donat gamyklos.

“Mechanica”, UAB yra įgaliotas IKV Tribology produkcijos platintojas Baltijos šalyse

  • IKV FLUOR 32 C Spray—a PFPE fluid in aerosol form with universal compatibility.
  • IKV FLUOR MPA 2H spray with PFPE, PTFE and anti-corrosion additives for use on bearings.
  • IKV FLUOR 141 Spray—a universally inert material for chains, bearings and universal joints at high temperature.
  • IKV FILMSEC 1024 Spray—a boron nitride spray for use on welding nozzles and other very high temperature applications.
  • IKV FILMSEC 1084 Spray—a graphite dry film for slow moving parts at high temperatures.
  • BESLUX MOLYSPRAY—dry film lubricant containing Molybdenum Di-sulphide (MoS2) for temperatures up to 450°C.
  • IKV FILMSEC 1010 Spray—a dispersion of PTFE in isopropyl alcohol for release of rubber & plastic parts.
  • BESLUX AFLOJATODO – releases seized and corroded metal parts including screws, nuts, bolts, pins, pipe unions & machine parts.
  • BESLUX ENGRANAJES – lubricant for open gears (including toothed crowns and pinions).
  • BESLUX CABLES – performance lubricant for use on cables – penetrates into the wires & offers protection against corrosion.
  • BESLUX BASIC MULTIUSO – for release and lubrication of seized mechanisms including screws, bolts, locks, hinges & more.
  • BESLUX SOLDADURA – an anti-spatter welding spray which can be applied to welders, nozzles, profiles, tools & bases.
  • BESLUX KTS – for the lubrication of needles on knitting machines which avoids sticking of fluff and is non-staining.
  • BESLUX FLUOR TF – a PTFE dry film lubricant with extraordinary lubricating properties.
  • BESLUX CADENAS – high temperature resistant base oil with molybdenium disuplhide which penetrates pins and brushes on roller chains.
  • BESLUX DEX-4 – silicone free release agent for application as anti adherent in plastic injection moulding.
  • BESLUX CAMIN 150 WR – an adherent mineral oil offering protection against wear and corrosion.
  • BESLUX ANTIHUMEDAD – for protection against corrosion of machined parts, moulds, tools, welding surfaces & electrical devices.
  • BESLUX BLANCO CADENAS – NSF H1 approved white lubricant for use as an anti-wear agent on chains and articulations.
  • BESLUX GRASA AD – for lubrication of open gears, pinion, crowns which require super adherent grease.
  • BESLUX RK PELABLE – an anti-corrosive protective coating with easy-peel properties.
  • BESLUX RAMCA 220 –  a synthetic oil for the lubrication chain, rollers and pins, sliding ways for all mechanisms up to 230°C.
  • BESLUX GRASA UNIVERSAL – sprayable version of BESLUX ATOX TF/S – NSF H1 approved – NLGI grade 2 for temperatures from -40 to 180°C.
  • BESLUX FLUOR LIQ – a special NSF H-1 approved synthetic fluid containing PTFE for food processing applications.
  • BESLUX PLEX 778A – very high performance grease for the lubrication of small and medium sized mechanisms from -55 to 150°C.