Parafininių alyvų aerozoliai

Techninės parafino alyvos aerozolis                     

Rūšis Darbinės temperatūros, ° C Spalva Pagrindas Panaudojimas, savybės



Biolube L Spray




-30°C iki +80









Maistinės parafininės alyvos pagrindo aerozoliai.

Mažo ISO VG 15 klampumo, labai skvarbi, universali sutepimo priemonė grandinėms, transporterių juostoms, šarnyrams ir tvirtinimams. Ypač kontaktuojantiems su duona, saldumynais ar padažais. Kaip praplovimo alyva valant grandines ir linus.





Biolube OEL Spray




-30°C iki +120








parafin/ PAO


Universali sutepimo priemonė maisto pramonės grandinėms, pavaroms, slydimo paviršiams, stalams, talpoms bei ten, kur reikalinga sutepimas švaria alyva (tekstilės, pakuotės, medienos pramonė). ISO VG 68 klampumo maistinės alyvos pagrindo.



Paraffin Lubricant or Base

Liquid Paraffin is frequently used in industry as a lubricant. For example, industrial bakeries may use paraffin oil to grease tin or aluminum pans for baking bread other foods. The oily quality of paraffin also makes it a popular ingredient for cosmetics products, including foundation, lip balms and lipsticks. The oily base containing paraffin ensures that a cosmetic product will not wipe away or rub off easily.

high-quality instrument lubricant in spray form, that is used for manual maintenance of surgical instruments, particularly for instruments with joints, moving parts, threads and seals, such as clamps, forceps, scissors, punches, needle holders, wound retractors, ligatures etc., as well as hinges and handpieces, It should be applied after careful cleaning and disinfection and before sterilisation. This high quality maintenance oil is used for targeted maintenance of surgical instruments if no instrument maintenance was carried out during automated reprocessing.

Spray is a sprayable, highly concentrated solid lubricant paste of black colour. It is based on paraffin mineral oil, silicate and a solid lubricant mixture (MoS2 and graphite). No lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium or halogen raw materials are used for the manufacture of this product.