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Esso Chain Spray Molyduval Sekorex NAS Spray


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Esso Unirex N 3 is an NLGI Grade 3 premium lithium complex thickened bearing grease. It is suitable for high temperature service in rolling element bearings and a variety of other industrial applications, especially electric motor bearings. Unirex N 3 meets the requirements of Lubricating Grease DIN 51825 – K3N – 20 and ISO L-XBDHA 3. The lithium complex thickener resists softening / run out of bearings at temperatures to 190°C. Laboratory bearing rig tests show outstanding continuous lubrication performance at bearing temperatures of up to 140°C.

Esso Unirex N 3 is not intended to be used under extreme pressure (EP) conditions where extra anti-welding properties are required. It is recommended for special applications such as sealed-for-life electric motor bearings, vertically mounted bearings, and higher-speed applications where DmN (mean bearing diameter X rpm) exceeds 360,000.