Fuchs Spray tepalas

Originalus produktas Siūloma alternatyva
Fuchs Duotac Zahnradspray Molyduval Prometheus Z Spray
Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Spray Molyduval Spray Z
Fuchs Ceplattyn ECO 300 Spray Molyduval Rabilub Spray
Fuchs Silentan Spray Molyduval Ferroxin Spray
Fuchs Cassida Fluid PL Molyduval Biolube L Spray

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas :

Fuchs Cassida Spray

Fuchs Ceplattyn 300 Spray

Fuchs Ceplattyn Eco 300 Spray

SILKUT Spray 1000

Fuchs Brake Cleaner

Renoclean E Spray

Lagermeister WHS 2002 Spray

Fuchs PBC Spray

Fuchs Rope Lube

Fuchs Silicone Spray


Fuchs Gearlube Spray

Fuchs Copper Anti-Seize

Fuchs White Grease

Fuchs Chainlube

FLT Lube

Chainlife SM

Fuchs Chainlife S

Fuchs Maintenance Spray

Fuchs Super Lube Plus


A multipurpose rust preventative, lubricant and dewatering aerosol.  Provides an ultra-thin anti-corrosion protective film.

Main Application

Ideal for cleaning and protecting most electrical equipment.  Other applications include the lubrication of small or inaccessible components such as locks or hinges, the loosening of rust scale before wire brushing, and as a damp-start for motor vehicles.