Lubcon Turmosynth aerosol tepalas

Originalus produktas Siūloma alternatyva
Lubcon 4S Fluid Molyduval Ferroxin T Spray
Lubcon Turmofluid 40 B Spray Molyduval Sekorex K Spray
Lubcon Turmofluid 300 OM Spray Molyduval Prometheus Z Spray
Lubcon Turmofluid ED 13 Molyduval Biolube L Spray
Lubcon Turmofluid HYM 1 Molyduval Emulator Spray
Lubcon Turmolyb PSP Spray Molyduval Quick Spray
Lubcon Turmolyb MDC Spray Molyduval Aladin 21 Spray
Lubcon Turmolyb WG Spray Molyduval Syntholube T Spray
Lubcon Turmopast TF Spray Molyduval Aladin FC Spray
Lubcon Rapid GT Spray Molyduval Hymol Spray
Lubcon Rapid GO Spray Molyduval Quick GN Spray
Lubcon Grizzly No.1 Spray Molyduval Spray Z
Lubcon Korroquick Spray Molyduval Ferroxin Spray
Lubcon Profioil Spray Molyduval Supercut Spray
Lubcon Turmofluid LMI 300 Spray Molyduval Biolube Spray

Tikslesnis pakeičiamumas – pagal Jūsų įrangos originalias tepimo rekomendacijas ir jos darbo sąlygas :

  • Grizzlygrease No. 1 aerosol
  • Turmosynth VG 4800 aerosol
  • Turmosynthgrease ALN 2502 aerosol

Zahnradspray 50 CHD aerosol

4 S Fluid –aerosol

Lubcon Diacut aerosol

Korroquick aerosol

Profi-Oil aerosol

Rapid GÖ aerosol

Turmofluid 40 B aerosol

Turmofluid ED 13 aerosol

Turmofluid LMI 300

Turmosynthoil 75 TF

Turmotempoil 400-0

Turmotempoil 400/05

Turmogrease NBI
Turmolyb PSP
Turmopast NBI 2 weiss
Turmopast TAS WT
Turmofluid HYM 1
Turmosol K 52
Rapid GT – 400 ml aerosol
Turmolyb WG – 200 ml aerosol
Turmopast TF Spray
LC 500 – 500 ml aerosol
Turmofluid LS 400 plus
Turmosynth VG 1
Turmosynth VG 2 Spray
Turmotempoil 480
Lubcon Turmowax  Spray
Turmsilon K 40
Turmsilon K 1000 PL Spray
Turmsilon M 100 aerosol

LUBCON lubricating and cleaning agents enable a quick, clean and economical lubrication in all industrial maintenance and service areas.

The extensive portfolio of LUBCON aerosols includes high-performance greases, oils, pastes, bonded coatings, silicone sprays, release agents and adhesive lubricants, designed for all industrial applications. Whether for the disassembly of seized-up screws or for the lubrication, surface coating, cleaning and preservation of parts – we have the right lubricant spray.