Apsauginiai sutepimo ir pralaidumo aerozoliai aukštos įtampos kontaktams

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The application of a suitable lubricant to conducting surfaces at the manufacturing state or during maintenance will help overcome many of the problems associated with poor contact as well as ensuring ease of movement of all mechanical parts. This is true of all types of connectors including sliding contacts, wiping contacts, relays, pcb edge connectors, make and break contacts, i.e. plugs and sockets and potentiometers with wire wound or carbon brushes.

In order to understand the importance of lubrication in improving electrical contact, it is necessary to consider the problems affecting the passage of current between contact surfaces. These are:

  • Surface Finish
  • Wear
  • Arc Erosion
  • Contamination
  • Oxidation
  • Silicone contamination
  • Frettage and frettage corrosion
  • Contact Bounce