Plastikinių guolių aerozoliai          

Rūšis Darbinės temperatūros, ºC Lašėjimo temperatūra, ºC Pagrindas Panaudojimas, savybės


Molyduval       Polypan PAK Spray

-50 iki +120



Sint PAO

Sintetinio SHC tepalo plastikui pagrindo aerozoliai.

Sintetinis, besilikonis, atsparus vandeniui plastikinių ir guminių kabelių, tempimo lynų NLGI 2 konsistencijos tepalo aerozolis. Pilnai suderinamas ir sumodeliuotas plastikams. Palengvina plastikinių kreipiančiųjų ir pavažų slydimą.




Plastic Bearings

Many engineers, designers and purchasers typically think of steel when choosing bearings. However, steel bearings have significant disadvantages in terms of weight, friction, noise and corrosion. Thermoplastics on the other hand, can withstand corrosive environments, are lightweight, non-magnetic, chemically and thermally resistant to name but a few qualities. They can also be moulded to any shape to generate design, production and even budget benefits.

Unique injection-moulding process significantly increases the wear resistance and achievable life of our plastic bearings against the competiton. The process forms a layer around the bearing which has proved to be extremely resistant to fatigue induced wear. Machined bearings remove this layer when they are manufactured, making them more prone to wear.