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Rūšis Darbinės temperatūros, ° C Spalva Pagrindas Panaudojimas, savybės



Emulator SM Spray

-40°C iki +200


Sint PAO H1

Sintetinių SHC bazinių alyvos pagrindo gumos aerozoliai.

Antistatinis plastikinių, gumos, latekso formų sutepimo aerozolis. Turi NSF H1 maistinę specifikaciją (tinka maistinės pakuotės liejimui).




Molyduval Emulator Spray On Molding Gels

Molyduval Emulator Rubber Spray is formulated for making large rubber molds where high volume production is required. This product cannot be hand mixed, it must be spray applied with special mixing and spraying equipment. The required equipment simultaneously mixes part A and B components together and sprays the product. InstaGel Spray molding gels cure more rapidly than our brush-on application rubbers (see our Brush-on Molding Gels product page). We recommend 2 types of spraying equipment for InstaGel Spray application; the first type is a small hand held dual cartridge spray gun the second is a much larger electric gear driven 2 component plural spray machine.

A disadvantage of using the hand held cartridge spray gun is the added cost of the disposable plastic cartridges which only hold 1.5 liters of product and cannot be reused. The cost of the disposable plastic cartridges and mixer tips is approximately $8.25 per cartridge set and it takes approximately 4 complete cartridge sets to spray only one gallon of InstaGel Spray rubber. The cost of disposable plastic cartridges adds $33.00 per gallon to the cost of spraying your rubber. If you plan to use large amounts of spray on mold making rubber the more expensive electric spraying equipment may be a good investment over the long run and reduces landfill waste. The electric spraying equipment should be purchased directly from an equipment manufacture/supplier who can offer long term maintenance, technical support and training.

Molyduval Emulator Rubber Spray is urethane which becomes very thick after the part A and B components are mixed together. Having a urethane product which is very high in viscosity (a paste consistency) allows the product to be applied very thick on a surface without sagging or running down. Spray on rubber mold making rubbers are very help and time saving when you are making rubber molds from large 3 dimensional masters. A spray on rubber is also helpful if you want to spray into an open faced mold to make a large flexible rubber skin for animatronics applications. If you would like to make a rigid plastic shell instead of a flexible rubber skin we manufacture Molyduval Emulator GW which cures to become a hard surface. Molyduval Emulator GW is sometimes used in open faced silicone rubber molds to make large masks or reproduction suits of ancient amour. Molyduval Emulator GW can be sprayed into a silicone rubber mold ¼ of an inch thick or more to make high durability rigid plastic parts. Customers frequently use Molyduval Emulator GW over InstaGel Spray to create a hard supporting mother mold for their brush on rubber mold.