Silikoninis peilių sutepimo aerozolis              

Rūšis Darbinės temperatūros, ° C Spalva Pagrindas Panaudojimas, savybės


Silikon H1 Spray

-40°C iki +200


Silikono alyva (be tirpiklio)

Apsauginės peilių paviršių silikoninės alyvos aerozoliai.

Silikoninis paviršių atskyrimo bei sutepimo medžiagos purškiklis gumos, plastiko ir daugelio kitų dervų gaminiams. Maistines NSF H1 kategorijos, todėl tinka plastikinės maisto pakuotės gamybai, produktų apdirbimo stalų sutepimui. Šalina strigimus, detalių gergždėjimą, suminkština paviršių, tarpines, sandarinimo siūles ir neleidžia jiems skilinėti. Nėra nepageidautino gaminiui tirpiklio ar išbrinkimo poveikio.


Fluoruotos alyvos aerozoliai

Kartono peilių aerozoliai


The rotary cutters require a lubricant of low viscos-ity to avoid dust adhesion which contributes to a significant reduction in blade wear.

(silicone) & IKV LUB PE 1429 (synthetic) all meet these criteria and extend blade life.

BESSIL F-50 is a clear silicone oil, intended for use as a lubricant. It is for use with water up to 85°C & has WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) approval (WRAS Approval Number 1010526). The pour point is -55ºC and flash point is 280ºC .

IKV-LUB PE1429 is a special lubricating disper-sion of PTFE, added to a blend of synthetic base oils and a carrier fluid to aid penetration. It has high load carrying capacity & exceptional resistance to arduous conditions, weathering and contamina-tion.

The PTFE dry film lubricant resists temperatures up to above 250°C. It also has excellent inertness and significantly reduces the friction co-efficient between mating surfaces.


Dust deposits on both the cutters & slitter scorer shafts makes impedes their movement and adjust-ment. The use of low viscosity fluids like IKV-FLUOR 32 or IKV FLUOR 70 SPRAY on the shafts significantly reduces dust deposit and assures easi-er regulation.

IKV-FLUOR 70 Spray is a non-flammable, colour-less and odourless perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluid formulated into aerosol form for ease of application. The product was developed for use as a lubricating anti-friction coating on a wide range of substrates including plastics, elastomers and leather.

IKV-FLUOR 70 is totally compatible with all com-monly used elastomers, seals, gaskets, plastics and metals, providing a durable, low friction film and eliminating unwanted noise and friction. This totally colourless lubricant leaves a long lasting lubricating film, which does not stain the substrate.

IKV-FLUOR 32 C is a colourless and odourless perfluoropolyether (PFPE) type oil, which is totally chemically inert and resistant to all common sol-vents. It does not migrate and is also compatible with all widely used elastomers, plastics and met-als. Please contact us for guidance on the most suitable product for your application.